Welcome to Loydence Group

Loydence Group is among the fastest growing conglomerates based in the politically and economically stable Qatar. The group is reputed for ensuring rapid regulatory approvals and timely project completions. Loydence serves a global clientele spread across the United Kingdom, Middle East and other international locations.

Loydence maintains a strong and ever expanding presence in critical economic sectors such as Energy, Education, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Printing and Rent-a-Car. Our seasoned management is sourced from the best in leading global companies and we maintain great rapport with the Qatari establishment...Read More

  • Team At Loydence Group

    With a team of highly experienced professionals we aim to create a culturally diverse team and aim to recruit locally as part of our commitment to the nations leadership's vision of Qatarisation, to ensure workforce development and skill transfer for future generations.

  • The Loydence Advantage

    • Excellent Government Relations
    • Strong Financials
    • Experienced team manages rapid Approvals, Permissions & Authorizations in all departments for all kinds of Projects.
    • Early Project Information
    • Strategic Sourcing round the Globe

Managing Director’s Message

"We started Loydence Group with the primary objective of contributing to Qatar's growth and development. Loydence Group was incorporated in Qatar and the United Kingdom as an investment and incubation vehicle for our nation's high priority sectors.

The leadership, resources and motivation of our leadership gave us the confidence to compete in fast growing sectors such as Energy, Education, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, Health and Media. The business acumen and entrepreneurship of our promoter has attracted global partners for Loydence Group and provided Qatar with world class solutions in all critical areas."

Mohamed Basheer Chaliath
Managing Director - Loydence Group of Companies

Our Divisions

Loydence Energy
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Loydence Academy
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Loydence Nursery
The emphasis at Loydence Nursery is to see everything ..View More
Loydence Ayurveda Physiotherapy
Ayurveda Physiotherapy is the most recent venture of the already established in education, ..View More
Loydence Rent-A-Car
Loydence Rent-A-Car division is a subsidiary of Loydence Group created to cater to the growth ..View More
Loydence Real Estate
Loydence Real Estate, the latest supplementary of Loydence Group has been launched to offer a ..View More