• Loydence Group

    Loydence Group is among the fastest growing conglomerates based in the politically and economically stable Qatar. The group is reputed for ensuring rapid regulatory approvals and timely project completions. Loydence serves a global clientele spread across the United Kingdom, Middle East and other international locations.

    Loydence maintains a strong and ever expanding presence in critical economic sectors such as Energy, Education, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Printing and Rent-a-Car. Our seasoned management is sourced from the best in leading global companies and we maintain great rapport with the Qatari establishment.

    Qatar's visionary leadership wants to diversify into Infrastructure, Education, and Health Care while maintaining the economy's natural advantage in oil and gas. Structural reforms have attracted foreign investment and private participation to make Qatar a financial and commercial hub.

    Loydence Group is a part of such private participation in nation and economy building and strives to be an essential building block in Qatar's economic, educational, cultural and human development over the long term.

    As a member of Traces International, Loydence group is committed to transparent business practices. Loyalty and best management procedures are the very cornerstone of our vibrant work ethic.

  • Mission & Vision

    Loydence Group's mission is focused on building the Human Development, Economic Growth & Environmental well being of the country. The organisation ardently strives to expand its best capabilities and area of knowledge to succeed in achieving the goals and also creates opportunities for growth of the nation's human capital

  • Managing Director’s Message

    "We started Loydence Group with the primary objective of contributing to Qatar's growth and development. Loydence Group was incorporated in Qatar and the United Kingdom as an investment and incubation vehicle for our nation's high priority sectors.

    The leadership, resources and motivation of our leadership gave us the confidence to compete in fast growing sectors such as Energy, Education, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, Health and Media. The business acumen and entrepreneurship of our promoter has attracted global partners for Loydence Group and provided Qatar with world class solutions in all critical areas. "

    Mohamed Basheer Chaliath
    Managing Director - Loydence Group of Companies