Loydence Academy is part of the Loydence Group. Our first school was opened in Dafna in 2009 andoperates as an early years school for Preschool and Reception children only. Loydence Academy in Aziziya was opened in September 2011. Our first day at school had six classes and32 children, within two years we grew to a two-form entry school made up of fourteen classes and over 200 children. The growth was mainly due to our good reputation amongst parents and we are very proud of this. Our highly qualified teaching staffs are all British nationals and have gained teaching degrees through the British University system.

We believe the best way to offer a genuine British education, is to have British teachers. Our teachers are supported by excellent classroom assistants, who come from a variety of countries. All our assistants have a good level of spoken English and work closely with the teachers to ensure the children receive the best support. Your child's safety, whilst at Loydence Academy, is our priority. We have two fire drills per term to ensure that all children know exactly what to do, should there be a fire at school. All trips are led by experienced teachers and they will have carried out a risk assessment at the venue before taking their class. Any parents who want their child to use our school bus, must first sign an agreement. This guarantees the school that you will ensure your child behaves in a way that is expected by staff at Loydence Academy. We have rules in place at school to minimize the number of accidents, like walking around the school and arrows to show the children which side of the stairs they should be using.

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